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All Toxic Lovers are "Like Poison!"

Brisa Guzman-Sanchez of Rhythm Tribe Exposes a Personal Emotional Disaster!
Like Poison - Rhythm Tribe featuring Brisa, Mason, Thomas and Esau.
( | Press Release | 2020-05-06 06:15:33 )
Why does the pain of a toxic lover destroy the soul so badly? This is the question answered in the new recording by Rhythm Tribe. Its co-writer, Brisa Guzman-Sanchez, sings the haunting and mysterious song, "LIKE POISON". "She makes love to the microphone!!!" says programmer for WEIB. He continues, "They're in sync in this song. It's in the realm of their sound but they took it in a different direction." This R&B/Acid Latin track was recorded live and adds harmony steel muted trumpets, played by Percussionist/drummer - Esau Garcia and Guitarist - Mason Guzman-Sanchez. The song confronts the darkness of love and the ugliness of a vicious lover.

The new video for this song is now in production and the group has partnered with The National Domestic Violence Hotline. In the year ending March 2019 there were 1.32 million domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes reported to police, of which 746,219 were deemed by police to be domestic abuse-related criminal offenses. Their hope is to inspire others listen to the song and watch the video to be strong and take their lives back and their future into their own hands.

This single started airing on 5-4-20 on radio stations world wide. This recording along with their album "Generations" is now available for download at

Dave Marsh of Rolling Stone wrote, “Rhythm Tribe is the greatest Latin hybrid since Santana". Founder, Thomas Guzman-Sanchez has been seeking a fusion of Pop and Latin sounds in his music since the group started. After being on hiatus for a quite a few years, the group is back, playing a new hybrid music they call "Acid Latin". The band currently includes his son Mason and daughter Brisa, as well as innovative drummer/percussionist Esau Garcia. Radio stations around the country are currently playing the releases from their album "Generations" on VRL Muzic, providing a cool vibe. Coming together again was a matter of fierce cultural pride, ownership of concept, and a goal to present accessible, next level world pop music with dignity and punch.

When they originally debuted in 1989, the band was considered “ahead of its time.” After several years of blood sweat and tears, Guzman-Sanchez put it on the back burner and moved on with his life…exhausted by blind men unable or unwilling to see and hear his vision. But there’s a funny thing about life and destiny. You can never escape it. And little did he know that the seeds for Rhythm Tribe to rise like a phoenix sprang from his very loins in the chiseled forms of his son and daughter, Mason (now 24) and Brisa (now 21). Along with innovative drummer/percussionist Esau Garcia, who has a fittingly unique approach to layering a fusion of potent Latin ritmos, Rhythm Tribe has been reborn as a multi-generational pop band straight out of Northridge, California presenting a singular style they dub Acid Latin.

Their first single, "You Are The One" sung by Mason Guzman-Sanchez which peaked at #28 on the Billboard Chart. The second single, "You Are Mine," a seductive song sculpted from the heart and soul of vocal powerhouse Brisa Guzman-Sanchez, is all about The first love being a unique experience never to be repeated. Steeped in twin guitar and an insistent and a sensuous beat. It's amazing to think it this all started as a way for a father, and his kids to make music together. Thomas could not be more proud.

Thomas states that after meeting Esau, he was inspired. He said,"I’d already been playing with Mason & Brisa around the house but I got excited again about doing this for real…without the pressures of the industry at large. Together, we’ve been jamming, openly sketching melodies, words, grooves and ideas – a new experience for them and so much fun for me. There’s a special energy that happens when family jams together in the kitchen. Our creation of Acid Latin is a concept that has developed into a style of pop fused with R&B melody and Latin fusion music. It’s two guitars, hybrid drums and vocals – always raw, never overproduced.

The group is a continuation of over 100 years of a musical legacy. It started with Thomas's Grandfather from 1915 and continued through his father from 1945, and onto him from 1989, and now to his son and daughter in 2020. This legacy is part of their inspiration and motivation. The 10 song album, which has 6 videos has been released independently. This project promises to be a presentation in sound and embraced a new musical concept in the realm of world-wide pop.

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Please contact: Public Relations – VRL Muzic

VRL Muzic is an Indie record company taking on an impossible industry. Distributed by, Rhythm Tribe's first release "You Are The One" charted at #28 on the Billboard Magazine. This is their new release and radio has begun to add this song nation wide starting on 5/4/20.

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