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UNIX is a copyrighted name that is used only by some main companies IBM, AIX, HP-UX and sun solaries.
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UNIX is a copyrighted name that is used only by some main companies IBM, AIX, HP-UX and sun solaries.

So let's start: - Linux vs UNIX

1: -Definition: -
linux is an open source operating system that can be downloaded for free.
Unix is ​​an operating system that only its copyrighters can use.

2: - Cost (Price): -
linux is freely distributed, freely downloaded. It is also distributed by books and magazines.It also has priced versions but it is cheaper than Windows.

The cost of unix is ​​determined by its copyright vendors. Its price may vary for each vendor.

3: - Development And Distribution: -
linux is open source, it is developed by sharing and combining the codes of developers from all over the world and it is distributed by many vendors.

unix was developed by AT&T, non profit organization and many more commericial vendors.

4: -Manufacturer: -
The linux kernel has been developed by developers around the world and the linux parent linus torvalds oversees it.

Unix has three main distributions: - IBM (AIX), HP-UX, and SUN SOLARIES. And apple also uses UNIX to build OSX operating systems.

5: - Users: -
Nowadays linux is used a lot, anyone can use it from anywhere at home.

unix was built primarily for servers, workstations and mainframes. Everyone uses it.

6: - Usage: -
linux is used everywhere. Such as - servers, computers, smartphones, super computers, video game consoles and even electronic devices such as: - are used in refrigerators etc.

The unix operating system is used in Internet servers, work stations and PCs.

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7: -GUI
linux is a command-based operating system but it provides two GUIs: - KDE and Gnome.

Initially the operating system was based on the UNIX command. But ever since the GUI (called the common gateway environment) has developed, most of the unix distribution that they use is Gnome.

Linux vs unix

8: -Security: -

linux provides a high level of security, 60 to 100 viruses have been listed so far.

Unix also provides a high level of security, 85 to 120 viruses have been listed so far.

9: -Error detection and solution: -

linux is an open source operating system whenever there is an error in it, then developers from all over the world work together on it so that its solution can be removed faster.

If an error occurs in unix, the user has to wait for some time to resolve it.

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10: -Operating System: -

linux is only a kernal while unix is ​​a complete operating system package.

11: -File System Support: -

linux supports more file systems than unix. It supports Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, FAT, NTFS etc.

unix also supports file systems but less than linux.It supports JFS, gpfs, xfs, zfs etc.

12: -Interface: -

The interface of linux is BASH (Bourne again Shell).

The unix is ​​the one that uses the Bourne Shell.

13: -Example: -
linux has different versions - UBuntu, Debian, OpenSure, Redhat, and solaries etc.

unix has different versions - AIS, HP-UX, BSD, Iris etc.

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