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Unfortunate Children Raising Funds for Family, Fun and a Future

( | Press Release | 2020-11-09 19:16:23 )
By Anna Caldwell

During the Summer of 2020, six charming children brutally lost their precious lives in Chicago to gun violence: ten year old Lena Nunez, nine year old Janari Ricks, eight year old Dajore Wilson, seven year old Natalia Wallace, three year old Mekhi James, and one year old Sincere Gaston.

"Every real parent should be just as p****d off about what happened to those kids as you would be if they were your own children," emphasized Ronnie Bo. "And that anger should impassion you with the determination to do something about it."

Ronnie Bo (born Ronnie Martin) is the author of a black empowerment book entitled The Holy Trap Scriptures (which presents practical methods for proper parenting, community reconstruction, preventing gun violence, etc.) and a women's empowerment book entitled Value of The Vagina (which guides women away from the prevalent problem of domestic violence and encourages self-esteem).

In spite of being currently incarcerated in federal prison, Ronnie Bo recently volunteered to work as Marketing Director for First Class Financial Solutions, a credit repair and finance company owned and operated by his sons mother, Gloria Mitchell. He has been able to direct the market operations of the business by email.

Like most black mothers and fathers, Gloria and Ronnie were not able to coexist as a couple. However, this parental assembly have set their petty differences to the side to focus on preparing a future, not only for their own child, but for every child forced into the unfortunate circumstances of being raised in a dangerous community, by a dysfunctional family, without a father figure, at home.

In 2011, Ronnie and Gloria registered a non-profit organization together named the Position Impact Foundation, by founder of AUIG, William Easter.

At the time, the two were still a young couple, conflicting over personal relationship issues which had distracted them from the business of establishing such a philanthropic foundation intended to have a positive impact on the youth of our communities.

Now, with 2021 approaching, Ronnie Bo has proposed (to his sons mother, Gloria Mitchell; his business partner, Will Easter; his best friend, Alysa Schubert; his political connect, Mike McGee Jr.; his sister, Lequita Davis and his companion, Juanita Watson) an agenda to ultimately establish that foundation with intent to have a positive impact on their communities this coming year, by preventing violence and providing opportunities for fortune and fun to inner city women and children.

The crusaders mentioned above now sit together as board members of the Positive Impact Foundation while their children raise funds for the organization as a sales team who sells everything from Girl Scout Cookies and Hershey products to mink eye lashes and Brazilian hair wigs.

"Making money is fun", said eleven year old Ronnie Bo Jr.. History tells us that Jesus was a carpenter who provided his mother and younger siblings with financial support, at the tender age of twelve. And Jesus said, "those who believe in me will also do what I have done and even greater things (John 14:12)."

The Positive Impact Foundation is in the making of developing Christlike children. "Blacks are far behind in cultural development," Ronnie Bo asserted. "Its time for us as Black adults to advance our organizational theory and sit together as business owners, thoughts leaders and politicians while we raise our kids to be responsible entrepreneurs during their youth."

Gloria Mitchell, the captain of this fundraising campaign resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Anyhow, the movement has made its way to Rockford, Illinois (through Juanita Watson; single mother of eight year old Damarion) and has also reached Chicago (through Lequita Davis; single mother of three year old Royalty).

"Me and my baby daddy didn't get along at all as a couple," said Gloria. "He's bad at being a boyfriend but I must admit that he's a good businessman and we work really well together as business partners."

There was once a point in time when Ronnie and Gloria hated each other as a couple. They had even become each others worst enemy after their break-up.

However, as mature adults and co-parents devoted to the insurance of a bright future for their child, they have resolved their feud for such sake and to inspire other mothers and fathers to do the same for the well being of their children, as well.

As Marketing Director of First Class Financial Solutions and chairman of the Positive Impact Foundation, Ronnie Bo has arranged to grant free credit restoration services to the parents of the six young children who were murdered in Chicago over the summer, in addition to one-thousand single mothers per city, beginning in Milwaukee, Chicago and Rockford.

Moreover, the board members are now reaching out to the Dr. Willie Wilson Foundation, the Bill Gates Foundation and other charitable organization for subsidizing, with hopes to provide ten-thousand inner city children with clothing, electronics and fundraising merchandise by the earliest months of 2021.

Funds are being raised to:

*provide inner city children with advanced academia;

*establish community sports leagues in each neighborhood of Milwaukee, Rockford and Chicago for the youth;

create family functions that could obliterate domestic violence and optimize parenthood;

*employ law abiding residents of these neighborhoods as public safety to police their own communities;

*train influential street icons to be social scientists capable of mediating violent disputes within the inner cities;

and many other practical methods that could preserve innocent lives, rebuild our communities, and ensure a bright future for our youth.

Contact FCFS via email at to reserve your free goods and services and to enroll your children into the PIF fundraiser. For more info, call William Easter at 919.907.2684.

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