(Press Release | 2017-06-02 08:50:17) It’s 6 am at T2 -Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The scene at Aaswad is probably as busy as the departure and arrival lounges! The staff is preparing traditional Maharashtrian [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-06-01 21:28:08) The latest report by IMARC Group titled, “Potato Chips Market – Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2017-2022” finds that the global potato chips market has [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-29 21:04:00) Vinegar refers to a sour-tasting liquid produced through the process of fermentation of dilute alcoholic liquids such as wine, cider or beer. On account of its constituents such as vitamin B-1, [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-23 20:21:57) Finger chips have been one of the most popular food snacks among the consumers since ages. As the processing of potatoes into finger chips is a cumbersome and time-consuming task, with the [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-22 21:10:58) Fruit juices have today become an essential part of human diet and are preferred by all the age groups as they are a good source of instant energy and vital nutrients. Fruit juices can be easily [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-19 20:13:44) Potato chips currently represent the second largest category of savoury snacks. On account of their reasonable price, crispiness and availability in a variety of flavours, they are preferred by the [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-18 20:21:46) A member of the legume family, lentils have become a staple all across the world, particularly in the developing regions such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Lentils are loaded with all [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-15 20:42:30) Originated in West-Africa, palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil which is derived from the fruits of the most efficient type of oilseed crop, i.e. oil palm tree. It has, today, emerged as the [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-13 12:54:30) As a self-developed Chinese local brand, UHANS is dedicated to manufacturing the highest satisfaction smartphones no matter in configuration, budget or outlook. The newly released A6 takes over the [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-11 20:50:20) Corn starch or maize starch refers to the starch which is made from corn, i.e., the most popular feedstock for starch production. Corn starch serves as a great source of energy and is rich in [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-10 20:16:49) Commonly referred to as a ‘heart-friendly oil’, rice bran oil comprises of major constituents such as gamma-oryzanol, tocotrienols and tocopherols, all of which exhibit antioxidant properties. [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-06 23:43:09) Ultra High Temperature or Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) milk can be defined as the sterilized milk which is heated to a temperature of at least 132°C for a few seconds followed by a fast cool down. [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-05 23:50:15) A popular raw material, cassava currently represents the third largest source of starch (after corn and wheat) and is grown in around 90 countries. Cassava starch can be easily extracted as compared [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-04 20:20:35) Guar gum powder is derived from the guar plant which grows in extremely drought-resistant and semiarid regions. It is grown mainly in India, Pakistan, United States and some parts of Africa and [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-05-03 22:20:16) Ginger represents a popular spice which belongs to the family Zingiberaceae. It originated in South-East Asia and is today used all around the world, particularly in Asian countries. The active [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-04-04 13:39:13) Denver, CO, USA, April 4, 2017 - Avant-Garde Management, Inc. announces the Flagship Grill Pan, all-new 21st century cast iron skillet. Have you ever thought about your favorite team logo [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-03-29 20:49:57) With multitude of aromas, flavours and textures found in cheese, it currently represents an essential constituent in the fast food segment. It is also a rich source of many key nutrients (vitamins, [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-03-29 20:49:09) A report by IMARC Group titled, “Ghee Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2017-2022”, finds that the global ghee market has grown at a CAGR of 3.8% [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-03-27 23:05:12) Soya is a food ingredient which is being considered as an unhealthy by most of the consumers. Potentially it may be considered as a dangerous component in packaged food and beverages. Globally [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-03-24 18:04:33) The company is known to offer a multitude of eggless cakes varieties that are made to entertain the taste buds of a large number of people. In order to ensure the timely delivery of its services, [ Read More ]
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