Red Carpet Board Game on Kickstarter

Red Carpet Game - Now on Kickstarter! Name movies of well-known actors, relate them to films and play cooperatively in an original and adrenaline-charged movie trivia game! Check it out at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1434831135/red-carpet-boardgame/ Take advantage of Early Bird Prices.
Red Carpet Game now on Kickstarter
Red Carpet Game now on Kickstarter
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Red Carpet BoardGame on Kickstarter
From 30th of April to 30th of May, 2018

Name movies of well-known actors, relate them to films and play cooperatively in an original and adrenaline-charged movie trivia game!

Take advantage of early bird prices while they are still available!

What is Red Carpet about:

Name movies of well-known actors, relate them to films and play cooperatively against the rival team in this original and adrenaline-charged movie trivia game!

Basic Dynamic & Progression :

The main idea of the game is to mention movies of the actors on the cards.

Draw an Actor Card, roll the dice and finally say movies of that actor relative to the indication on the dice to win points.

If you are in trouble you can probably use a help card or receive assistance from your friends, but beware, the opposing team may use an attack card against you to trump your progress.

Main Challenge & Obstacles:

You will have one minute to answer correctly. You probably know the actor, don’t let the timer pressure you.

How to win:

The team that has more points at the end of the last round, wins the game.

What else?

The game includes cards that can change the normal dynamic of the turn and that promote competition but also cooperativeness. After every round, it is time for a special turn where everyone plays simultaneously and try to match actors that have worked together with up to 20 Actor Cards on the table.

Red Carpet has multiple ways of playing, so you can choose the dynamic that you like the most, try a different one out or create one of your own if you want.

Game title and theme: Red Carpet - Party Game / Movie Trivia

The number of players: 2 - 8 (you can play it with up to 10 people but the flow is not the same)

Suggested age range: 13 +


180 actors/actresses cards
20 Action Cards (Help & Attack cards)
2 regular dices (1 white & 1 black)
1 Timer
Rules overview: You don't need to know much about movies and actors to play this game. The main idea is to mention a few movies of well-known actors and actresses. The team that makes more points wins!

Unique features: Unlike other trivia games, there is no only one correct answer for one specific questions. Your answer may be different from other players and both can be correct. It is a collaborative game. It is not just for movie geeks (even though they will still have a lot of fun) because you don't need to know very specific things such as mentioning which movie won the academy award for best picture in the year 1999. Most actors are very well known and a lot of people watches movies on a regular basis and know between 1 to 3 movies of these actors and actresses.

Red Carpet awakens the affection and beautiful memories that we have associated with certain films and actors. By adding a timer there is a sense of adrenaline which makes it very engaging for everyone.

Project Link:

Red Carpet is a very versatile game and you are free to create your own dynamics and rules, more variants and minigames will be added as the project progress and we can process the feedback from the community and customers.

IG: @boardgamesforlife
FB: boardgamesforlife
Whatsapp: +54911 3010 3194

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