Titan Transformation is the new obesity weapon

Titan Transformation is a comprehensive curriculum designed to transform the mind, body and lives of overweight men and women by helping them achieve permanent weight loss and successful lifestyle changes.
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Ben Shaw a leading expert in health, fitness and mindset training has created a patented curriculum for permanent weight loss and drastic life transformations.
Shaw’s Philosophy is: Weight loss starts in the mind, no matter what diet or exercise program you choose the weight WILL return until the root of the problem is addressed. Food is just like a drug used by alcoholics and addicts to numb themselves due to stress, past traumas, unhappy relationships, low self-images and more. Until you address the reason for why you’re unhappy and turning to overeating for comfort you’re going to continue spinning your wheels not gaining traction, that’s step one. Ben and his mindset coaches guide men and women to first finding out what is causing their issue and then address it with proven mind-altering techniques. This is the key to a permanent weight loss solution.
Ben says the second step is correct nutrition and this is not to be confused with dieting. A diet is another way of saying restricting yourself of calories and that is not something he advises. He said “If severely restricting your calories worked then all those diets, you have been on in the past would have landed you right where you want to be instead of back at square one once they failed right? The key is to give your body a surplus of THE RIGHT calories so that it doesn’t feel the need to hold onto access calories and fat. That’s how you’re going to get your metabolism, which is your body’s fat burning engine up and running. Proper balanced nutrition will heal your body and never leaves you feeling hungry, tired or unsatisfied, but instead makes you feel rejuvenated and full of energy. Most of my clients are shocked at the amount and types of food that they are allowed to eat and usually have a hard time reaching the days meal quota.”
The third step in his approach is targeted strength and cardiovascular training. He says “This doesn’t mean endless hours on the treadmill or spending your day in Zumba classes. I advocate that my clients do no more than about 20 minutes of cardio on most days. I’ve found that focusing more on targeted strength training is what gives my clients the AMAZING weight loss and toning results that they are after.”
With over 15 years of experience Ben Shaw has crafted a 16 week curriculum designed to teach obese men and women how to implement each and every one of these steps to completely transform their lives. Ben and his team walk these individuals through each step of the process over the 16 weeks and their success rate is practically unheard of. The average client loses about 50-60 pounds within 16 weeks with some clients losing as much as 90+ pounds in the first 12 weeks.
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