Yani's Novel "Hoop Dreams Deflated" Blows the Door Wide Open on Families Destroyed by Drugs

Urban Fiction Novel by Amazon Best Selling Author Hits Home with In Your Face Harsh Realities for Troubled Inner-City Youths.
Hoop Dreams Deflated
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"Hoop Dreams Deflated" an urban fiction drama (ISBN-13: 9780996966672) by Yani and published by Anitbeet Productions gives a dramatic look into the many adversities that too many inner-city youths face, which can either break them or make them. Written in first person, "Hoop Dreams Deflated" tells the story of Davion and the many problems he faced between growing up in a problematic home and the streets that tried to claim him at a very young age.

The author Yani knows all too well of the many talented, intelligently gifted and bright youths who either turned down the wrong path to escape the detrimental conditions of their home lives, or were innocently slain in the streets, never having the opportunities to fulfill their goals and dreams. As an adolescent, poverty and hope had the same antonymous meaning as vinegar and oil, and even as an adult, the story remains the same, only with new, young victims being claimed by the same circumstances. Through the ink spilled in "Hoop Dreams Deflated", Yani aims to restore that hope in the youths that can relate to the story of Davion and his younger sister Janaya.

With a crack-whore for a mother, it's no wonder that life for Davion and his younger sister Janaya, was no crystal stair. Left in a dirty house by themselves with only the roaches to look after them as their tummies rumbled, the two anxiously await their mother to return with food for them to eat. Seeing LeBron James play in one of his first NBA games awakened Davion's passion for the sport, but hearing his baby sister's tearful pleas for something to eat makes him vow to become a super star athlete, so he and his sister would never again see days like the ones they were currently living. While salvaging slices of bread from a moldy loaf in the refrigerator, the two manage to make jelly sandwiches, only for the electric to be turned off. They are now alone in the dark, cold and hungry. A phone call placed to their father leads to their rescue and Davion and Janaya are placed in his custody.
His mother's dope fiend habits wreak havoc in his young life, causing him to get into countless fights while losing all respect for the woman he now only refers to as Joselyn. But a heated confrontation between the two leads to a startling revelation that it was his father who turned Joselyn onto coke and created her habit that ultimately led to her overdose, with Janaya and Davion being the ones to find her. The respect, love and admiration Davion once had for the man he affectionately referred to as Pops, quickly diminishes after that dreadful day, and tragedy seems to make itself right at home in their lives.
Holding on to his hoop dreams, Davion works hard at perfecting his craft with his sister following in his footsteps. But with tragedy striking around them constantly, the dream begins to slowly slip from his grip. Davion soon learns that everyone is not who they seem as he suspects his step-mother played a part in a murder that nearly destroys the family. Through Davion's eyes, he tells his story down to the final seconds of his fourth quarter when it's too late for him to realize that his suspicions were misplaced… as was his trust.


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