Keep spirits up and sick days down by ensuring your employees are kept hydrated. Pressure Coolers gives you valuable tips and tricks to identify and prevent dehydration.
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Our bodies rely on water to survive so it goes without saying that staying hydrated every day should be non-negotiable. The fact that eight glasses of water should be your daily dosage of H2O, has been around for years, but is it correct? Medical professionals say that it all depends on your physical activity and metabolic demands, which is influenced by your body size, body composition, and weather of conditions.
Lack of sufficient water intake will result in dehydration that affects your ability to function optimally. The inability to function affects productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Hydration has always been a vital contributor to productivity in the office. Therefore, the benefits of hydration should be advertised, as well as the risk dehydration presents. Dehydration is synonymous with nausea, fatigue, headaches, premature brain ageing and muscle cramps.
Hydration in the office isn’t as widely supported as it is in schools, gyms or public parks, even though it carries the same consequences. Dehydration in the workplace results in a dip in efficiency, productivity and energy levels. A lack of water intake results in a more sensitive employee, which could lead to conflict in the office. If you are concerned that you might be dehydrated, check out these signs: You’ve gone more than 5 hours without urinating; your urine colour is dark yellow, you are lethargic, you have no tears when crying.
Other signs may include:
• Hands and feet feel icy
• Lightheaded or wooziness
• Sleepy or crabby
• Sunken eyes
Hydrated enough? Stay that way by looking at a couple of ways that would ensure your hydration levels.
Here are some tips for staying hydrated:
1. Keep a water source close by, an office water cooler will do. Ice cold water will definitely soothe your thirst.
2. Add a little flavour to your H2O. A slice of lemon or any fruit will add a zing to a usually plan drink.
3. Water doesn’t have to be the only type of hydration, a cup of coffee can be used to keep those dehydration levels down, try some of our pods.

Pressure Coolers (also trading as Maestro Pressure Coolers) was established in 1963. It is the oldest established drinking water cooler specialist in the UK. We offer a very wide range of drinking water systems including office water coolers both bottle coolers and mains connected coolers (also called POU coolers). In addition, we also manufacture both refrigerated fountains and non-refrigerated fountains for use in schools, factories, gyms, public parks and other areas where there is a need for a clean and convenient drinking water supply.
The company specialises in mains connected water coolers and drinking fountains. It has a team of 10 engineers on the road working full time on installation, servicing and repair of drinking water systems. All staff members are fully trained in accordance with the EPDWA industry association standards.
We service all types of users, virtually every type of workplace imaginable, not just offices but also factories, hospitals, prisons, foundries, funeral parlours, nursing homes, farms, beauty salons, restaurants, almost every conceivable environment. We can also supply private households and schools, although this is offered as an outright sale rather than a rent.

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