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A Media Group from Ukraine Has Presented the Package of TV Channels for the Whole World

‘Media Group Ukraine’, a large national media corporate, a TV broadcaster and a content producer, has announced the package of four international channels for television viewers all over the world.
Oleksiy Kurakin, Business Development Director, ‘Media Group Ukraine’
( | Press Release | 2017-05-16 18:19:32 )
‘Media Group Ukraine’, a large national media corporate, a TV broadcaster and a content producer, has announced the package of four international channels for television viewers all over the world.
Up to that moment, there have only been single projects of some Ukrainian TV right holders for the Ukrainians who live outside Ukraine. It is the first time when such a qualitative content offer of a Ukrainian production is presented to the foreign television audience.
The content focus of these channels are television series, films and movies, entertainment and informative shows, great humor for all the age groups.
The package is unique since it meets the interests of the whole family: from 14 years olds to 50+. This is a full-fledged stand-alone entertainment TV product. These TV channels contain the best Ukrainian content created in recent years, as well as the premieres of the Ukrainian novelties. The broadcasts are in Ukrainian and Russian, round the clock, in HD format.
Oleksiy Kurakin, Business Development Director, ‘Media Group Ukraine’:
‘The package of the international TV channels from ‘Media Group Ukraine’ is an answer to the interest on the part of foreign broadcasters towards the Ukrainian content. We were repeatedly asked to start broadcasting the channels of our group in different countries. And as a result, we have worked out a system solution, i.e. a package of TV channels for the whole family. The product is primarily oriented to the Ukrainian community, but we are at the beginning of a big journey, we will analyze the market, the demand and probably adapt the product to other audiences in the future. At least, the titles can appear in English as well as in other languages in the near future. Our heading to the international markets is conditioned by business objectives: the Ukrainian content has the potential to earn money abroad, and this potential should be used’.
‘Ukraine 1’ and ‘Ukraine 2’ TV channels offer the television audience a total of 800 hours of content a year. These TV channels are distinguished by thematic differentiation, and they combine a broad spectrum of audience interests.
For ‘Ukraine 1’ these are the best Ukrainian series, feature films, documentaries, social and information programmes: ‘The Singer’, ‘The Jewelers Clan’, ‘Life Line’, ‘Lyalya’ series, ‘Real Mysticism’, ‘Agents of Justice’ scripted realities, etc. For ‘Ukraine 2’ these are mainly TV programmes and shows: ‘Ukraine Is on the Air’, ‘Star Track’, ‘Folk Star’, ‘Sincerely with Masha Yefrosinina’, etc.
‘NLO TV 1’ и ‘NLO TV 2’ TV channels are no less than 400 hours of content per year. For ‘NLO TV 1’ these are the best jokes and entertainment programmes (‘How the Style Was Hardened’, ‘Supercops’, ‘Syshyshshow’, etc.), and for ‘NLO TV 2’ these are programmes and shows (‘Sissies’, ‘Dolts’, ‘Euro Checkin’, etc.).
Viktoria Korogod, Director, ‘Ukraine’ TV Channel:
‘Ukraine’ TV channel has a positive experience of selling the TV content abroad: almost all our own production series are sold to different countries and are viewed in Europe as well as in Asia. That is why we have decided to step to the other stage, i.e. to form the package of TV channels with international rights. The multiplicity of genres gives us the opportunity to count on the broadest range of spectators who will be able to access both our library products and premieres. We are also planning to supplement the content with the news programmes and live circuits’.
Ivan Bukreev, Director, ‘NLO TV’ Channel:
‘In the course of five years of the existence of our channel, we have gathered a large library which can be interesting for young audience and effectively complement our front runners. Especially if to take into account that ‘NLO TV’ is increasing its own production rates: in 2017 we are planning to produce about 90 hours of film and serial production, and the next year not less than 100 hours. Overall, it is planned not less than 200 yours a year. So the premieres on our international channels will be quite frequent’.
‘Media Group Ukraine’ will inform soon about the date of the broadcast start on the specific territories.
The sales of the package of the four mentioned international TV channels starts in autumn. The package is to be sold as one unit. The rights are granted for all delivery technologies as well as catch-up rights. It is also possible to include the mentioned TV channels into the packages with the other channels as well as the a'la'carte sale.
Even now the service providers and dealers can learn the materials on the whole package and get access to the test review. The official dealer for all TV channels around the world is ‘Digital Screens’ (Ukraine). For inquiries, please, contact us at

‘Media Group Ukraine’ LLC is the media holding company that unites ‘Ukraine’ TV channel (the national TV channel of general interest), ‘NLO TV’ channel, ‘Indigo TV’, ‘Football 1’ and ‘Football 2’ thematic TV channels , ‘Regional Media Group’ (‘Donbass’, ‘34 Channel’, ‘Sigma’), ‘Mediapartnership’ sales house, ‘Digital Screens’ (OLL.TV, Xtra.TV, Ukraine.TV) company, ‘Tele Pro’ production company, ‘Front Cinema’ and ‘Segodnia Multimedia’ holding.
‘Ukraine’ is among the leading national TV channels. According to the results of the year 2016, the channel possesses the 1st position in the total assessment of the national TV channels, with the proportion of 11.63%, with the evaluation of 2.05% for the audience over 18 years, selection ‘50 thousand +’.
The total coverage of ‘Ukraine’ TV channel for December 2016 was 93.4% of all households of Ukraine. Signal transmission is available via the analogue network, via cable networks, via the digital transmission network Т2, via the satellite. Information, intellectual, entertainment, artistic and sports programmes are broadcasted. The production of own television shows, films, series is under active development. ‘Ukraine’ TV broadcaster is part of ‘Media Group Ukraine’ (also brings together ‘NLO TV’ channel for youth, ‘Football 2’ thematic channels, ‘Indigo TV’ thematic channel, ‘Regional Mediagroup’, ‘Mediapartnership’ sales house, ‘Digital Screens’ (, ‘Tele Pro’ production company, ‘Front Cinema’ and ‘Dopomozhemo TV’, as well as ‘Segodnia Multimedia’ holding).
‘NLO TV’ is the TV channel for youth. ‘NLO TV’ came into being on Ukrainian TV in February 2012. It is broadcasted via Т2 network, as well via the networks of cable service providers for digital and analog TV. The channel’s target audience are the people aged 14-35. The TV channel focus are the entertainment programmes. These are popular shows, series, sketches and films.
For more information, please, contact,, Facebook/ Медіа Група Україна

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