Thai Veterans Day Feb, 3rd every year, Remember Thai troops sacrifice.

In Thailand the Veterans Day is the 3rd of February every year. To praise the bravery of veterans and to help the families of soldiers who died in fighting to protect national sovereignty.
Thai Veterans Day
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In Thailand the Veterans Day is the 3rd of February every year. To praise the bravery of veterans and to help the families of soldiers who died in fighting to protect national sovereignty. The red poppy is a symbol of the veterans; it is a symbol of the blood of the soldiers who had shed their blood on the kingdom with courage and supreme sacrifice. So, in that day we shall see the poppies blooming throughout the country.

In the Thai National Anthem, one phrase of the lyrics says that the Thai people love peace but when there is a war we will fight audaciously. As you know war has never given anyone happiness besides sadness, tear, and loss. In fact, the Thai people have been forced to protect our independence and sovereignty for many times in our history. Thai soldiers sacrificed their lives and blood for saving our kingdom, so that Thai people can live our lives in this country happily. Thai people reminisce about their soldiers’ bravery on this special occasion. All Thai residents heartily show respect to honor the veterans’ sacrifices on Thai Veterans Day

The official remembrance ceremony takes place at Victory Monument in Bangkok. The monument was erected in 1941 to commemorate the victory of Thailand in Franco-Thai War. This war was a brief conflicts waged against the French colonial authorities in Indo-China. The conflict resulted in Thailand annexing some territories in Laos and Cambodia. These territories originally belonged to the Kingdom of Siam before the forced ceding to France in 1893 and 1904.

Madam (Than Phuying) Jongkol Kittikachorn, Chairman of War Veteren Family Assist Foundation, bring red poppies story to make funding for helping Thai veterans and families. Red poppies is a symbol of peace and it reminds us of the people who died for us. The red of poppy means red blood from the men who died in battle. The red poppy is not only a symbol used in Thailand, but also an international symbol for those who died in war, also had international origins. A writer first made connection between the poppy and battlefield deaths during the Napoleonic wars of the early 19th century, remarking that fields that were barren before battle exploded with the blood-red flowers after the fighting ended. Prior to the First World War few poppies grew in Flanders. During the tremendous bombardments of that war the chalk soils became rich in lime from rubble, allowing ‘popaver rhoeas’ to thrive. When the war ended the lime was quickly adsorbed, and the poppy began to disappear again. Lieut.-Col. John McCrae, the Canadian doctor who wrote the poem “IN FLANDERS FIELD,” made the same connection 100 years later, during the First World War, and the scarlet poppy quickly became the symbol for soldiers who died in battle. Three years later an American, Moina Michael, was working in a New York City YMCA canteen when she started wearing a poppy in memory of the millions who died in the battlefield. During a 1920 visit to the United States a French woman, Madame Guerin, learned of the custom. On her return to France she decided to use handmade poppies to raise money for the destitute children in war- torn areas of the country. In November 1921, the first poppies were distributed in Canada. Thanks to the millions of Canadians who wear flowers each November, the little red plant has never died. And neither have Canadian’s memories for 116, 031 of their countrymen who died in battle.

The are preparations for the sale of poppies on Veterans Day aiming to raise funds to support the troops, veterans and their families.

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