Valiprod apps as a metaphor for a healthy and energetic mindset

The young indie Game Studio Valiprod shares their life hack for staying productive whilst using your phone.
All the Valiprod apps are easily accessible from their website.
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So you’ve created your detailed schedule for the upcoming week with the tight daily routine for every single day full of chores, assignments and tasks. Being productive is the trickiest and the most essential thing nowadays and achieving it, whilst remaining your well-balanced self, is a chore of its own.

One of the most crucial things to do to match your tense timetable is to learn how to relax. The young indie Game Studio Valiprod shared their life hack for staying productive whilst giving a little break to your mental faculties.

Valiprod is a young international start-up specializing in mobile app development. They claim to have the one and only entertainment app kit you’ll need for any given occasion. Any day of the week Valiprod can provide you with the means of entertainment fit for your daily routine.

- Monday - Sudoku
Get back in the game!
Monday is a time when tuning back to the usual working schedule seems impossible and coffee only works only to a certain extent. The biological clock is still in dissonance, having to move to a weekday lifestyle that starts 1-2 hours earlier after the weekend debacle of the late get-ups. Sudoku app can help you stimulate the brain in a soft and non-stressful way to get ready for the week of work.
- Tuesday - 4 in a Row
Get competitive!
Tuesday is the time when you’re expected to be at the top of your game already when all you want is to turn back time to bring the weekend back. So shape up and beat someone in the Four in a Row app, a digital interpretation of the classical Connect 4 game that everybody love so much in their childhood.
- Wednesday - Solitaire FreeCell - card game
Develop mindset of a winner!
Wednesday is the quintessence of the whole week, the peak of your abilities when you’re at the top of your game accelerated to the limit. So today of all days you need some quiet contemplation time with FreeCell Solitaire app. The solitaire family of card games requires serious determination in order to win and determination is one of the key qualities of a natural-born leader.
- Thursday - Battleship - boats war
Get ready for battle!
Thursday is one of the hardest days of the week to endure mentally. The brain is already going into an overload having hard time coping with the amount of work it has to process. However, one should never forget to have a bit of a buffer time now and then and you can use it to play the feisty Battleship, alone or with a friend/colleague to shake the stress off and get into a more energetic mood.
- Friday - Drinkie - drinking game
The Friday night outing is a as much of a tradition as a social norm by now. It is both a way to let go of the weekly stress and to advance the socialite part of your personality. In either case, Drinkie app is perfect for a Friday night outing to break the ice as well as to simply have a lot of fun not having to get into any trouble whatsoever thing of the entertainment.
- Saturday - Impossible Choices/Guess It - Social charades game
Just relax and have fun!
The weekends are an important point in your healthy mindset schedule as it is the day that you can dedicate to you and only you. Whether you’re into outdoors activities or indoor hobbies, there’s bound to be a point of the day when the phone is out to Tweet, Instagram or Facebook. Instead, have some fun with the new apps: try Impossible Choices to have a laugh by yourself browsing brain wrecking conundrums or Guess It - if you’re in a friendly company - to play the charades as well as to discover a new format of games - the one where your teammate actually tries to explain the word written on your forehead (actually, on the phone that you hold on your forehead).
- Sunday - Truth or Dare Family
Get to know your family!
It is a common knowledge that often in a chaos of life we deprive the closest to us of our attention and Valiprod shows the digital era decision to fix this problem - Truth or Dare game with kids-friendly content tailored to fit every single one of the family members.

So get on a healthy path of mixing business with pleasure and follow the digital trends of Valiprod on their website and social media pages.

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