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Special Twitstery Twitter Mystery Sale Friday!

In anticipation of the release of "I Tweet, Therefore I Am", final book of the award-winning Twitter mystery series, The Twitstery Twilogy, The first two books of the Twilogy are available at special prices Friday only!
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Executive Severance, Book 1 - Winner of the 2012 Mary Shelley Award for Outstanding Fiction! - $11 -

The Golden Parachute, Book 2 - 99 cents!!

Our Twitstery So Far:

Police Detective Arkaby thought he had resolved the strange murder of millionaire industrialist and bleeding edge bio-scientist Willum Mortimus Granger, whose completely severed body he discovered at the beginning tweet of "Executive Severance", Book 1 of The Twitstery Twilogy. Arkaby is a by-the-book procedural investigator so full of himself he tweets every particular of his investigation. Arkaby’s habit of tweeting his every move nearly costs him his life at the hands an adversary who secretly follows his Twitter account.

Imagine now suspended Detective Arkaby's surprise when, in "The Golden Parachute", Book 2 of the Twitstery Twilogy, he receives a ghostly visit from someone who appears to be the previously deceased Willum Granger and who offers him big bucks to find his daughter, Regi Granger, but only if he continues tweeting. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak as still skeptical Detective Arkaby reluctantly travels to the Caribbean and discovers more than just a missing daughter.

In the forthcoming "I Tweet, Therefore I Am, Book 3 of the Twitstery Twilogy, Arkaby and Regi return with her father's body to the States where a new murder mystery awaits them. Strange things are happening at Willum Granger's medical laboratory where someone liquidates his brother, Farley Granger, in a gruesome and humiliating manner. It is up to Arkaby and Regi to solve this second murder and uncover the secret of his original mystery visitor. One problem: Arkaby is the chief suspect in Farley Granger's murder!

"I Tweet, Therefore I Am" will appear as a Kindle eBook January 16, 2017

About the Author

Robert K. Blechman graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in English Literature and earned an MBA in finance and a Ph.D. in Media Ecology from New York University. Dr. Blechman teaches at Fordham University in the Department of Communication and Media Studies. His areas of expertise include the creative use of social media (including the Twitter Fiction Movement), advertising and media industries. His doctoral dissertation was based on the Structural Anthropology methodology of Claude Levi-Strauss and was titled "Myth as Advertising: A Structural Study of American Television Advertising."

Dr. Blechman has held senior technology management positions at iconic national institutions and has help to guide his institutions through a major bankruptcy, a major merger, downsizing, resizing and rightsizing. Among his employers were Columbia University Medical Center, the New York City Board of Education, accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, HarperCollins Publishers, Olympia & York Real Estate Management, CBS (Television Stations and News) and St. George's University.

On May 6, 2009, Dr. Blechman began a literary experiment: Was it possible to maintain a narrative structure and attract a reading public in Twitter, live-tweeting 140 characters at a time? Posting a new "tweet" twice a day, every day, never missing a deadline, Dr. Blechman completed his twitter mystery or "twitstery" in 15 months. The 140 character limit of Twitter required intensive wordsmithing, creative editing, the omission of punctuation in some cases and a lot of counting. To succeed he needed to adopt the narrative strategies of cartoon artists Al Capp (creator of L’il Abner) and Chester Gould (creator of Dick Tracy) as well as mystery writers Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane and Robert B. Parker.

Independent publisher NeoPoiesis Press gathered Dr. Blechman's Twitter postings together in book form, added amazing illustrations by David Arshawsky and the result is Executive Severance, the first true, live-tweeted mystery novel!

Executive Severance won the 2012 Mary Shelley Award for Outstanding Fictional Work from the Media Ecology Association.

Executive Severance Reviews

“Executive Severance, a laugh out loud comic mystery novel, epitomizes our current cultural moment in that it is born from the juxtaposition of authorial invention and technological communication innovation. Merging creative text with new electronic context, Robert K. Blechman's novel, which originally appeared as Twitter entries, can be read on a cell phone. His tweets which merge to form an entertaining novel can't be beat. Hold the phone; exalt in the mystery--engage with Blechman's story which signals the inception of a new literary art form.”

- Marleen S. Barr, author of Envisioning the Future: Science Fiction and the Next Millennium

"A He Dunit.

Sometimes a little verbose, but OMG this is the best twitstery I ever read. It's got everything: narrative drive, mystery, comedy, thrills, tension, laughs. Blechman is on to something, a genre as important to literature as the invention of haiku in rhyme. ..."

- Marvin Kitman, author, The Man Who Would Not Shut Up - The Rise of Bill O'Reilly

"A delightful 'twitstery' - a mystery written in real time Tweets - that is compelling, entertaining, and shows off what can be done in the 140-character form with style and mastery. Blechman's delight in the language shows in every tweet - that is to say, every thread of the story. His plot is tight, tingling, and diverting. Poe would have been proud of the new form Blechman has given to the mystery story."

- Paul Levinson, author New New Media and The Plot to Save Socrates

“Embracing the challenges found in publishing via the medium Twitter, Bob Blechman’s super silly story Executive Severance is stuffed with punny dialogue, clever character conditions, and a total lack of adherence to the old “rules” of storytelling. It’s a meaty tale told in deliciously rare, bite-sized chunks that I’d recommend for consumption to anyone hungering for fiction that satisfies. Well-done, Bob!”

- Michelle Anderson, ♥ mediaChick, author of The Miracle in July - a digital love story

The Golden Parachute Reviews

“Academics have been pulling their hair out about Twitter destroying our literacy. At last, with Blechman's sequel to Executive Severance, we have confirmation -- Only kidding!

In actual fact, The Golden Parachute does just the opposite, refuting that drop-dead proposition with a feast of wit, not Twit, which is also good insofar as Karl Popper didn't think that anything could ever be confirmed, anyway.

The Golden Parachute's not only a paean (not pain) to Twitter, but to mystery and time-travel stories as well, bringing us twisted palindromes; just desserts spelt or spelled backwards; meditations on "dreeting" or "tweaming" which happens when sleep tweeting; and not just Farley but Stuart Granger (stranger than true but true). And there are lots of memorable music references, too, including "Torn Between Two Lovers," one of my all-time favorite lame songs. But there's nothing lame about The Golden Parachute. Read and enjoy, and do keep in mind its injunction that "though reality is not copy protected, fair-use stipulations do apply".
— Paul Levinson, author of The Plot to Save Socrates, Loose Ends, and Ian's Ions and Eons.

"The genre of Twitstery, established by Robert Blechman in his “Executive Severance”, turns to Phantwitsmagoria in a sequel, “The Golden Parachute”. A detective story written in tweets takes readers into a crazy voyage to a mystic Caribbean island, somewhat reminiscent of H.G. Wells' “The Island of Dr. Moreau” with an odd campus on it. This is most likely the only detective novel in the world, literally (oh, yes, twitterally) stuffed with Marshall McLuhan quotes. Adepts will appreciate the play of allusions, while detective novel fans will just enjoy the story full of irony and witty puns."
— Andrey Miroshnichenko, author of Human as Media: The Emancipation of Authorship.

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