USMC Spartan 300 Style Belt-Buckle

The USMC Spartan 300 Style Belt-Buckle is a testament to our warrior ethos that transcends time. On the back is engraved, "come home with your shield, or on it"
USMC Spartan 300 Style Belt-Buckle
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Defending Greece with only 300 Spartans seemed and impossible task. When compared to Darius’s massive army, by numbers alone, they stood no chance. Highly skilled professional warriors improvised, adapted, and overcame the obstacles that stood in their path. Like the Spartan warriors of old the US Marine Corps has faced incredible odds, amazing obstacles, and has faced overwhelming numbers. Like our Spartan brethren, we have looked death in its face and smiled! This USMC Spartan 300 Belt-Buckle was crafted out of the tradition of a warrior elite. Whose ethos has transcended centuries. The ethos that burns in the heart of every US Marine!

The back of the Belt-Buckle is engraved, "Come home with your shield, or on it." The quote is a Spartan saying that lacks direct origins. It was a common saying that mothers and wives told their husbands and children before battle.

Today, our armor may have changed. We do not carry the Helmet, Shield, or Spear. Yet the inner warrior burns bright as we don our Kevlar, our Flak, and our Rifle and go forth into battle! The spirit stays the same! Semper Fidelis!

Our Values

Devil Dog Shirts has the Courage to be Honorable and Committed to our fellow Marines. We strive to perpetuate the Warrior Ethos in our Corps by creating the best gear a gun-slinger can get! All of our apperal is made right here in the United States of America. We stand by our country and our fellow Marines as our nation moves forward.

Our Gear

All of Devil Dog Shirts apparel is made and printed in the United States of America. Even in a competitive marketplace Devil Dog Shirts stands by this decision out of principle. Getting materials and printing locally in CONUS helps us to ensure customer quality for our fellow Marines and family.

USMC Spartan 300 Belt-Buckle

-The original USMC Spartan 300 Belt-Buckle™
-Deep 3d relief with metallic accents
-4 inch wide Belt-Buckle (5mm thickness)
-Highly detailed relief
-Antique silver and gold accents
-Richly displayed red, engraved lettering
-Belt-Buckle sold individually

Due to the popularity of Devildogshirts.com coins can be at times placed on back order. Please know if a Belt-Buckle is back ordered they are being replenished. The expected time of coins on back order can take between 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the Belt-Buckle. We appreciate your patience and the opportunity to be of service to you.

Our Team

Our team of Marine Corps vets play a central part in the quality products created at devildogshirts.com . Devil Dog Shirts designs are licensed by the United States Marine Corps Trademark and Licensing Office. Our designs depict the Courage, Honor, and Commitment of Marines worldwide! Semper Fi!

To get this item use this link: http://devildogshirts.com/product/doggy-bag/usmc-spartan-300-belt-buckle/

For more information on this product and more, visit us at Devil Dog Shirts at www.devildogshirts.com

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