The best thing about living in a Nordic country

But if anything I'm proud of not being able to enjoy the beauty of Nordic women and their good vodka, the best thing for me is to enjoy with my husky dogs a great session in the snow.
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Well ladies and gentlemen, living in a Nordic country is a luxury, no matter where, Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Norway are all good options.

In these countries we can find a socialist lifestyle based on a heavy tax burden to withstand the high social benefits enjoyed by its inhabitants.
At 3,425,804 square kilometers, the combined area of the Nordic countries would form the 7th-largest country in the world. Uninhabitable icecaps and glaciers comprise about half of this area, mostly in Greenland. In January 2013, the region had a population of around 26 million people. The Nordic countries cluster near the top in numerous metrics of national performance, including education, economic competitiveness, civil liberties, quality of life, and human development.

Although the area is linguistically heterogeneous, with three unrelated language groups, the common linguistic heritage is one of the factors making up the Nordic identity. The North Germanic languages Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are considered mutually intelligible. These languages are taught in school throughout the Scandinavian countries. Swedish, for example, is a mandatory subject in Finnish schools, since Finland by law is a bilingual country. Danish is mandatory in Faroese and Greenlandic schools, as these insular states are a part of the Danish Realm (Rigsfællesskabet). Iceland also teaches Danish, since Iceland too was a part of the Danish Realm until 1918. Beside these and the insular Scandinavian languages Faroese and Icelandic, which are also North Germanic languages, there are the Finnic and Sami branches of the Uralic languages, spoken in Finland and in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland, respectively, and Greenlandic, an Eskimo–Aleut language, spoken in Greenland.

We can also find other attractions such as the sincerity of its inhabitants as well as its good predisposition to lend a hand, it is more if you are Latin you will be really well considered for being a perfect ingredient for your parties and I am not talking about being the fair monkey, yes Not to feel like the perfect guest in any celebration, our laughter, some chite or even our dances will delight our hosts.

But if anything I'm proud of not being able to enjoy the beauty of Nordic women and their good vodka, the best thing for me is to enjoy with my husky dogs a great session in the snow.

I put my dogs to the husky sled and we begin our journey through frozen lakes and forests, sailing at full speed, that if it is a feeling of freedom, the Snowboard or Ski is not so close to this experience.

So if you ever have the opportunity to come to these countries do not miss the opportunity to try this experience. THS recommends you.

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