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How to present your products in augmented reality

The i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW app draws attention to your products by enabling impressive presentations in augmented reality
i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW enables the display of 3D models in the real world.
i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW enables the display of 3D models in the real world.
( | Press Release | 2020-09-09 16:50:39 )
Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – 09 September 2020: Restricted customer visits and unusual events make it difficult for many companies to present their products to their customers at this time. The i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW app was created precisely to overcome this problem.

The advantage lies in the extension of reality
With this Augmented Reality (AR) viewing app, 3D product models can be impressively presented in AR. The technology is particularly useful for showcasing products and machinery that otherwise could not be presented due to their size and nature. A major advantage of AR is that it can be used at the customer’s site with just a smartphone or tablet. AR can even be used to virtually view and walk-through the internal workings of a product at real-world scale. There is no need for the actual product to be present.

Free AR-Viewer for beginners
The free version of the i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW App enables you to view 3D models in FBX or OBJ format in AR. Just copy your FBX or OBJ model files into the i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW folder on your compatible smartphone or tablet. Using the App, you can then place your models at the desired location in the real-world, and view them full-scale in AR.

PRO version for larger models and additional information
The free version of i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW supports 3D models of up to 4 MB for FBX files and 7 MB for OBJ files. Larger model files can be opened with the PRO version. The capability to show additional information for models (e.g. PDF files or videos) is also available with the PRO version. With the i4 AUGMENTED REVIEW App you can ensure your customer receives an impressive product presentation without having the actual product on site. The possibilities for AR are almost endless, limited only by your own imagination. AR offers enormous potential, especially for B2B product presentations.

Conclusion: The free version of CAD Schroer's new AR app offers many powerful features for viewing 3D objects virtually in the real world.

Download the AR-App for free >>

About CAD Schroer
CAD Schroer is a global software development company and engineering solutions provider, helping to raise the productivity and competitiveness of customers working in manufacturing and process engineering, including the automotive sector and its supply chain, the energy sector and public utilities. CAD Schroer has offices and subsidiaries throughout Europe and in the United States.

CAD Schroer’s product portfolio includes 2D/3D CAD, plant design, factory layout and data management solutions. Customers in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA®, MPDS™, M4 ISO and M4 P&ID FX to provide an efficient, flexible and integrated design environment for all phases of product or plant design – cutting costs while raising quality.

CAD Schroer’s product and service portfolio also includes Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) solutions. Together with its customers, CAD Schroer develops immersive AR & VR apps using existing 3D CAD data for a wide range of applications, including impressive sales presentations, interactive training workshops, and servicing and maintenance guides. CAD Schroer apps are also used by distributed design teams to collaboratively review designs in virtual meeting rooms.

CAD Schroer emphasizes close customer partnerships and supports its clients’ objectives through extensive consultancy, training, development, software support and maintenance services.

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