(Press Release | 2018-01-15 13:26:11) ALCOR’s SME Fund invests in new or existing SME companies in emerging markets to fund seed capital or growth capital in the range of USD 250,000 to USD 10 Million. Raising seed capital for a [ Read More ]
Leon Struijk will join the Executive Board of IVU
(Press Release | 2018-01-12 17:34:12) Berlin, 12 January 2018 – IVU Traffic Technologies AG is expanding its Executive Board: Effective 1 February 2018, Leon Struijk will join the managing body of the Berlin-based IT specialist for [ Read More ]
Alcor Mergers and Acquisitions Pvt Ltd
(Press Release | 2018-01-12 09:10:25) ALCOR MNA provides a broad spectrum of comprehensive solutions to cater the Financial requirements of different companies across industries. We have a track record of executing debt capital [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-12 09:10:14) In an ever increasing online market the need for marketing and an online face has become a must but to stay on top you have to also keep up with upcoming changes happening in and around the industry. [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-10 11:45:20) If you can think big you can make big. This is the ideology followed by the pioneer of real estate’s Suninder Sandha who has earned a huge respect in the world of architecture. With his skills he [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-09 10:05:09) ALCOR provides a one-stop solution in Investment Banking with world-class corporations and companies as its clientele. ALCOR expertise spans the spectrum of finance - Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-08 23:23:24) MINNEAPOLIS - Jan. 8, 2018 - Cottage Corporation and Loren Smith has transitioned ownership to Jeff Kildow and investment group Franklin Douglass & Partners. For nearly 35 years Jeff Kildow has [ Read More ]
Europe Energy Storage Systems Market (2017-2023)-6Wresearch
(Press Release | 2018-01-08 23:23:06) Growing Power Demand and Increase in Electric Vehicle Sales Would Boost the Energy Storage Systems Market in Europe– 6Wresearch Gaining popularity of solar plus storage systems in the residential [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-05 10:10:25) he goal of having a website is to drive sales and revenue towards the business. Unfortunately, most businesses spend a lot of money on building a top website but do not spend any time or money [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-09 01:34:29) KUALA LUMPUR, 27 December -- Bloom.com.my, a leading flower shop based in KL (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia that is well known for its creative and appealing promotion ideas, announces its much-awaited [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-04 09:32:58) Mooresville NC, January 2018 - A Grain of Sand is happy to tell every jewelry maker, jewelry lover of contemporary and vintage pieces that they have wholesale jewelry supplies available for making [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-04 09:32:38) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE See! You've a Magic Wand: Innovative Tools for Entrepreneurs: Volume 1 Dehradun, India, December 25, 2017. Do you know you've a magic wand with which you can change [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2018-01-03 09:41:43) Great salespeople are high-performers Great salespeople are high-performers, great thinkers, into problem solving and goals driven. But they can be demanding and difficult to handle from time to [ Read More ]
Beautiful oil on canvas landscape with figures by Worthington Whittredge (Am., 1820-1910).
(Press Release | 2018-01-02 10:02:20) ATLANTA, Ga. – Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery is gearing up for its big annual Signature Estates Auction, a two-day affair planned for the weekend of January 6th and 7th, online and in the [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-12-29 10:56:51) As a manager, once you have delegated a task to an employee with clear objectives and set deadlines, what is your next move? 1. Do you allow your staff to complete the task and only check on them [ Read More ]
Web Development & Design Agencies in London is reaping Profits by Outsourcing
(Press Release | 2017-12-28 18:36:49) It is the Internet age and as the scope for Entrepreneurship and Start-up culture grows, so does the need for new websites and brand strategies. Companies like TechTIQ in London, UK have given out [ Read More ]
Saudi Arabia Intrusion Detection Market (2017-2023)-6Wresearch
(Press Release | 2017-12-22 20:03:47) Saudi Arabia a Key Market for Intrusion Detection Systems in the GCC Region -6Wresearch Saudi Arabia’s intrusion detection market decline during 2014-16, owing to deteriorating economic [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2017-12-20 20:30:45) As Technologies change with the time, client do too now companies are facing problems in fulfilling client's Requirement because regularity in updations & changes they ask for quality work can only [ Read More ]
Europe Energy Storage Systems Market (2017-2023)-6Wresearch
(Press Release | 2017-12-20 20:30:03) Market Forecast By Technology (Electro-Chemical Energy, Mechanical Energy, Thermal (Molten Salt) and Others), Applications (Residential, Power Utilities, Commercial & Industrial and Transportation) [ Read More ]
Global Fire Safety Systems and Equipment Market (2017-2023)-6Wresearch
(Press Release | 2017-12-19 22:46:41) Growing Construction Activities and Stringent Fire Safety Regulations Would Drive the Global Fire Safety Systems and Equipment Market – 6Wresearch Increasing fire hazards, growing awareness [ Read More ]
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